Hygienic Disposables for Pilgrims

Kit del Camino

If you are thinking about Saint Jacques Way, with our Kit del Camino, all are advantages.

A Kit designed so that you do not load extra clothes in your backpack and to avoid the nuisance that your clean underwear coexist with the dirty clothes that you will accumulate.

Choose the kit that best suits your needs according to your travel days (3-5-7) and enjoy the Camino!

You can buy it directly in our online store section or contact us and make a telephone order through our contact section.

Designed to cover all your needs

What does the Kit include?

All our Kits include a series of products designed for you and for all your needs. Depending on the duration of the trip, the Kit includes more or less units of each, but they are always composed of:

  • Shower towel 80 × 1.20
  • Washbasin towel 40 × 80
  • Towel 40 × 40
  • Flip flops
  • Panties / Boxer / Tanga Disposable
  • Waterproof bag

The kits are designed for different travel durations (3-5-7 days) and are customized for each sex.

Discover everything the Kit offers you



Lightweight and comfortable

In Saint Jaques Way, the space and the weight in the backpack is paramount. The Kit only weighs 170 gr. and it measures 28 x 20 cm.


Your Kit goes in a plastic bag, without getting in contact with the dirty clothes that you accumulate. Premiere every day of your Camino a new change!

No Waste

Do not worry about generating waste. Once used our Kit is used for composting and energy assessment.


Comfortable and anti-allergic garments

With our Camino Kits, comfort and health are guaranteed. All garments are optimized and made of antiallergic materials.

Adapted to your needs

We have several options depending on the duration of your trip, from 3 to 7 days. If the duration is longer, adjust your packs to suit your trip.

Optimize the space

Do not carry dirty mudas, keep only what you are going to use in your backpack. And the mudas that still remain, will be perfectly folded!